Did Biden Remove Military Flags from the Oval Office?

Did biden remove military flags from the oval office

“ Out with the old, in with the new ” – we can’t expect everything to stay the same forever. The 46th Elected US President, President Joe Biden has taken the oath of office after defeating Donald Trump through a fair and square General Election. 

The question lies as to whether did Biden remove the military flags from the oval office? The simple answer is yes but what did Biden replace the military flags with? Come on, let’s read on to find out the truth.

What Is The Oval Office?

The Oval Office has been long-established as the symbol of the US Presidency in the eyes of the world. The Oval Office, located in the West Wing of the White House is a formal working space for presidents.

The Oval Office makeover is often customary, where most modern presidents often choose new furniture, drapery, and carpets which includes art pieces from the White House Collection or even museums to cater personal preferences.

The only constant variable in the office is the white marble mantle from the original outlook of the Oval Office in 1909 according to the White House Museum. 

What Is Replacing the Military Flags in the Oval Office?

President Biden is no exception, the Democrat leader has proceeded to have his own Oval Office makeover. Notably, most modern presidents have often only displayed two flags behind the resolute desk – the American flag and the Presidential Sea as reported by Atlantic. 

In 2017, Trump added an array of flags which includes army flags and marine flags. Trump has even added military flags to the office which is situated on the left side of the resolute desk next to a window.

However, Joe Biden has instructed that the displayed military battle flags used as decorations during Donald Trump’s administration were replaced by an American flag, one with a Presidential Seal and a series of family photos. 

In the past, former Presidents namely, John F Kennedy, Lydon Johnson and Richard Nixon have similarly decorated the office with military flags which are displayed behind the resolute desk as revealed in archival photos. During World War II, President Dwight, a five star general, acknowledged his background by featuring a sole army flag at the desk.

What Else Did Biden Remove From the Oval Office?

The portrait of former President Andrew Jackson, the first Democrat leader to hold office who idealized populism that has been hung by Trump’s Presidency, is removed from the office. President Andrew Jackson has been criticized recently for popularizing ties to slavery and contributed to the oppression of Native Americans through the Native American Removal Act 1830. This has been reportedly to be replaced by a portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

What Is Replacing The Military Flags In The Oval Office?

The Oval Office is currently filled with a lot of portraits of previous Presidents such as Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. 

What Did President Biden Add to the Oval Office?

Besides that, many photos of renowned Civil Right Leaders such as Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr who preserved America through the hardships and faced challenges are included.

However, Joe Biden specifically chose these portraits to be featured in the office which each photo has a story to tell. 

The portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt located above the mantel who maneuvered the US through World War II and implemented New Deal policies to allow the economy to recover from the Great Depression. On the left, portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln can be seen, the 1st and 16th President.

The new photos added at the background of the Oval Office include Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and President Thomas Jefferson which are placed side-by-side. President Biden also included US Senator Daniel Webster, who famously protected the unity of America in 1830. 

Besides this, President Biden has added various paintings and sculptures crafted by historical figures which includes a member of the Chiricahua Apache tribe.

In October 2020, President Biden promised and reassured the Native Americans that their voice would be heard during his administration as reported by Reuters. Biden has reported to elect a congresswoman from New Mexico for Secretary of the Interior and  Deb Haaland, a Laguna Pueblo.

Biden has remarkably ordered the previous American flags in the office to be brought back which is evident in terms of other presidents, “The Avenue in the Rain” which was removed from the office during the term of Donald Trump.


In a nutshell, Joe Biden has removed the military flags during the administration of Trump and replaced it with many significant portraits of previous presidents and civil rights leaders which battled through the civil war.

The new outlook of the Oval Office has signified diversity and celebrated the progression of America throughout the years. 

Of course, the Oval Office will continue to evolve for the years to come. In the meantime, we’d only sit back and enjoy the photos of the new redesigned office by Biden. 



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