Best .300 Blackout Suppressor For 2024 [Must Have]

Why Invest in The Best 300 Blackout Silencer?

The AAC and Remington Defense created the 300 blackout cartridge in response to military systems that required a little bit more power than the 5.5645mm NATO, the previously most popular alternative.

Additionally, they wanted to swap out the normal 9mm pistol ammunition, which is frequently used in SMGs due to its midrange performance. This novel approach effectively eliminated many of the problems with the M4’s large-caliber cartridges. One issue, though, was how loud each round was.

Many ardent gun owners would not be shocked to learn that frequent gunshots can harm one’s hearing over the long term. This is where a 300 blackout suppressor is useful if you have a 300 AAC Blackout firearm. It looks really great and decreases noise (dB) to a tiny fraction of what it would otherwise be.

Why Use a Suppressor?

Greater Safety

A subsonic ammunition decibel level is reduced with a silencer by 14 to 45 dB, depending on the silencer, the load, and the associated firearm. A commercially produced silencer typically lowers the decibel level of a.308 by 30 dB, resulting in a decibel level of 128—a value substantially below OSHA’s 140 dB threshold.

Happier Neighbours

Noise complaints resulting from routine activity at suburban gun clubs are one of the biggest issues facing gun owners today. Silencer-equipped firearms result in happier neighbours. Additionally, contented neighbours are more tolerant of firearms and gun owners.

Ethical Hunting

Hunters are chasing animals closer to populated areas as the nation becomes more urbanised. Any time firearms are fired close to members of the general public who are not hunters, the likelihood of conflict increases.

Silencers lessen such possibility. Shotgun suppressors are produced by a few firms, notably SilencerCo and Xcaliber Firearms. Silencers reduce game spook and allow for more precise, and hence more humane, hunting.

Effective Defense

Even if you manage to escape a gunfight while defending your home, your ears are likely to suffer long-term harm. In the small spaces of dwellings, sound waves bounce back, hitting your eardrum directly. In a house or car, even one shot could result in lifelong hearing loss. So why not add a silencer to your preferred home defence weapon?

Enhanced Accuracy

We tend to shoot better with firearms that have minimal recoil because few of us are genuinely resistant to it, despite what we might like to think.

Silencers lessen recoil by reducing the gas pressure that would otherwise force the pistol straight back into the shooter’s face and shoulder, similar to how a muzzle brake does. They lessen perceived noise as well. Shooting is simpler with quieter weapons.

Suppressor Myths

  • Suppressors Make Guns Totally Silent

A suppressor can lessen a gunshot’s volume but it cannot quiet it. Similar to an automobile muffler, it reduces the volume of gases by allowing them to expand in a controlled atmosphere.

A suppressor, however, has no effect on the sound of the gun firing, therefore there will always be some noise made when a shot is fired. A suppressor only quiets the sound of a typical rifle fire by roughly 30 decibels, which is still quite loud.

  • No Hearing Protection Required with a Suppressor

Gunshots are incredibly loud, even with a silencer. Suppressor noise reduction is like moving from a rock concert’s volume to that of a plane taking flight. Although hearing levels may be “safer” when employing a suppressor, frequent, unprotected exposure to gunshots can still harm your hearing.

  • Suppressors are Illegal

Despite being heavily restricted by the National Firearms Act (NFA), suppressors are permitted on federal property. At the state level, 42 states now permit the use of suppressors. You have to submit to a background investigation and pay a $200 tax stamp when buying a suppressor.

Best .300 Blackout Suppressor

Gemtech GMT .300 Blackout Suppressor

The Gemtech GMT.300 Blackout Suppressor stands out due to its two-piece design, which makes periodic maintenance simple and convenient. This, combined with the fact that it was made of titanium G-core material, gives you a suppressor that will outlast most of its rivals (particularly at its price point).

It’s one of the best sound suppression systems on our list, with ratings of 36–39 dB reduction for either supersonic or subsonic gunfire. It is one of the tiniest and lightest silencers, weighing only 14 ounces and measuring 6.7 inches in length.

If automatic firing is your primary use for the tool, this gemtech suppressor isn’t for you since it’s the only model on this list that isn’t rated for it. Nothing incorrect about that. The appropriate tool for the task, etc. However, this model is among the greatest in the world at what it does.


  1. Easy-to-clean design.
  2. Light and durable.
  3. Quiet.
  4. Available in multiple calibers.


  1. Not suitable for automatic fire.
  2. Pull weight is above US MIlitary minimum.

Silencerco Omega

When it comes to cartridge possibilities, the Silencerco Omega Suppressor far surpasses other suppressors. 3.0 Winchester Magnum, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout, and 7.62 mm NATO.

This model, which is made of stainless steel, titanium, and stellite, is both durable and adaptable. This makes it a favourite among gun lovers of all stripes. In keeping with that, the quick-release mount that is featured makes teardown or replacement quick and simple.

The anchor break significantly reduces recoil, and this type is also the finest flash 300 blackout suppressor on this list. It weighs just 14 oz. Its shorter length makes it a more practical home defence variant and makes it one of the list’s shortest cans.

The 300 Blackout proves that Silencerco’s claim that it lowers sound to 119dB is accurate. Overall, the Omega from Silencerco is the second-best suppressor on this list.


  1. Different caliber options.
  2. Quick release system.
  3. Short and lightweight.
  4. Suitable for automatic fire.


  1. Longer and wider than other silencers.

Advanced Armament Cyclone Suppressor .300 AAC

The Cyclone Suppressor is an advanced weaponry. Aluminum suppressor made by CNC machining is called 300 AAC. Function, price, quality, and longevity are the four categories that are most closely combined metaphorically.

Although this CNC machined aluminum suppressor is rated to lower decibel levels by 30-33dB, I used to hear that one should work as much as possible with ear protection. Even without ear protection, it can significantly reduce the risk of harm to the auditory tissue when used in conjunction with the proper ammunition.

At 58-24, the machined fit threading is tight and constant. The gadget effectively dampens flash and serves as a recoil compensator. It is a lightweight, simple addition to any system, weighing only 22.4 oz of aluminium, and it costs less than half as much as comparable versions.

Simple, dependable, adaptable, and reasonably priced. The .300 blackout suppressor may not be as simple to use as some of the other devices on this list, but it is without a doubt the most cost-effective.


  1. Unparalleled affordability.
  2. Durable machining.
  3. Reliable functionality.
  4. High-quality sound reduction.
  5. Suitable for automatic fire.


  1. Might be quite heavy for some.
  2. 9.5” length might make the overall length less suitable for close quarter purposes.

Sig Sauer SRD762-QD

SIG Sauer, a relative newcomer to the suppressor industry, sprang onto the scene with their unique brand of manufacturing expertise.

The superalloy Inconel is used in the construction of the SIG Sauer SRD762-QD. The Sig Sauer suppressor now has a strong resilience to metal fatigue. Ideal for carbines, which have a reputation for pounding up cans like a retired boxing champion.

Along those lines, this model looks ideal for home defence carbines as it weighs 17 ounces and is only 7 inches long. Additionally, Inconel bleeds heat more quickly than most materials.
This model’s flexibility is undeniable and ranges from.204 Ruger to.308 Win Mag.

Despite being a newcomer to the silencer market, SIG has stood on the shoulders of giants and learned from their mistakes. The SRD762-QD provides proof of this.


  1. Multiple caliber options.
  2. Quick-release system.
  3. Short and light can.
  4. Suitable for automatic fire.


  1. Heavier than other models.

Surefire SOCOM 7.62-RC2

Despite its relatively high price, the Surefire SOCOM 7.62-RC2 Suppressor is among the most well-liked suppressors available. That is due to the good performance.

First, even when used with higher pressure rounds like the 7.6251 and.308, this suppressor lowers the sound signature to hearing-safe levels. The 300 BLK is incredibly silent from this suppressor when using subsonic ammo.

Second, the majority of Surefire SOCOM suppressor adaptors are compatible with this silencer. Therefore, if you choose, you can put this suppressor over a flash hider or muzzle brake. If you intend to put this suppressor over a muzzle device, you must use a Surefire muzzle device, though.

Additionally, this silencer is only 8.4 inches long. The suppressor is not the shortest one on the market. But given the noise reduction, it’s remarkably brief. Additionally, it is small enough to be easily used with full-length rifles.

The point-of-impact movement is also minimised by the design and rapid detach system. Longer barreled rifles benefit the most from this since it keeps the organic precision even under suppressed fire.

Unfortunately, this Surefire suppressor’s pricing is a little bit prohibitive. However, if you want to use a suppressed rifle for long-range shooting, the performance can be well worth it. Another tip for improving your rifle is to spend money on a good buffer spring, which will increase performance and lower noise.


  1. Excellent sound reduction.
  2. Compatible with Surefire SOCOM muzzle devices.
  3. Fairly compact suppressor.
  4. Minimal shift in point-of-impact.


  1. Expensive.
  2. Quick detach system only withs with Surefire muzzle devices.

Silencerco Saker ASR 7.62mm

The Silencerco Saker 7.62mm might provide the greatest noise reduction for your money. The cost is excellent, and Silencerco produces top-notch suppressors.

The retention system is this suppressor’s standout feature. This suppressor is compatible with a variety of flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and direct-thread mounts thanks to Silencerco’s Active Spring Retention (ASR) System. For anyone who wishes to use a single silencer for several rifles, this is a superb suppressor.

Additionally, using subsonic ammunition, this suppressor lowers the sound signature to 132 decibels, a level that is safe for human hearing. This suppressor also features stainless steel and stellite cobalt-chromium alloy construction for the best corrosion resistance. In order to lessen carbon fouling, gas is redirected to the exterior of the Hoplon baffles by their angled design. These two characteristics help this suppressor last longer and require fewer cleanings overall.

Last but not least, this Silencerco model has a full-auto firing rating. However, even if you don’t have a full-auto rifle, the increased toughness makes it much more resistant when fired in semi-auto.

Unfortunately, certain gear is needed for all the functionality. Therefore, this suppressor is 10 inches long, which may be too much for barrels that are longer. The greatest use of this suppressor is with short-barreled rifles. However, the durability and performance offer a very excellent return on investment.


  1. Compatible with many flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and direct-thread mounts.
  2. Reduces sound signature to safe hearing levels.
  3. Extended service life and cleaning intervals.
  4. Full auto-rated.


  1. Adds quite a bit to your barrel length.

Dead Air Armament Sandman-S

One of the shortest 300 Blackout suppressors available is the Dead Air Armament Sandman-S Suppressor. Additionally, it makes very few performance concessions in exchange for a smaller form factor.

This suppressor is short and light, measuring just 6.8 inches in length and 18.5 ounces in weight. Thus, it is brief and light. This is perfect for individuals who need to run numerous accessories on their forend and for full-length rifles.

If you utilise subsonic ammo, it still decreases the sound signature to hearing-safe levels, despite its diminutive size (though barely). With 7.62 or.308 bullets, this suppressor is not, however, hearing safe.

For ultimate longevity, the baffles are composed of stellite and welded into a solid core. In the event that you drop your suppressor and the muzzle or baffle is damaged, the end cap is also removable.

The Dead Air rapid detach method, last but not least, is quick and simple to operate. Additionally, the safe locking system maintains your rifle’s accuracy, suppressor or not, and lessens point-of-impact movement.

So, whether you want to suppress a full-length rifle or simply make your platform as small as possible, this is the suppressor to buy. There aren’t many suppressors that combine size and performance so well.


  1. Compact design.
  2. Reduces sound to safe hearing levels.
  3. Welded, stellite baffles for outstanding durability.
  4. Quick-detach system.


  1. Sound reduction barely reaches safe hearing level.

SilencerCo Omega 300

Suppressors and a few accessories are made by SilencerCo. There is merit in focusing on one task and executing it well. SilencerCo has undoubtedly discovered that to be accurate. SilencerCo offers a wide variety of suppressors. Whatever your requirements or needs, SilencerCo has a suppressor that will satisfy you.

The Omega 300 suppressor from SilencerCo is cross-platform. The Omega 300 can be applied to any of your. 5.7 mm to 300 WM calibre rifles are available. With cross-platform functionality, you may suppress a variety of firearms in your safe without having to pay for individual suppressor systems for each rifle.

Some of the highest decibel reduction ratings of any suppressor on the market go to the SilencerCo Omega 300. For some shooters, the flexibility to utilise a single suppressor with a variety of rifles is a great benefit and a significant financial reduction. In my opinion, the small weight and short length are also major pluses.


  1. Exceptionally durable for long shooting life.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Probably the quietest suppressor on the market.
  4. Adaptable to many quick-detach systems.


  1. It isn’t designed specifically for the .300BLK cartridge.
  2. Expensive

Which is The Best Suppressor For The .300 Blackout?

Given what you now know about the top 300 blackout suppressor options on the market, you may choose the make and model that will operate with your existing gear the best.

Even if you are not yet prepared to purchase a gun accessory on the present market, it could be advantageous for you to be aware of the industry norms for suppressor designs that can withstand potent blackout cartridges.

Invest in one of the 300 blackout suppressor options we’ve showed you to safeguard your ears and the ears of others around you. You will realise that you have just made an investment that can last a lifetime when you take that bad boy to the range and test out the suppressing power you never knew could exist.

Each and every American has the right to keep and carry guns for personal defence or for the purpose of hunting. Invest in a 300 blackout suppressor from our selection to ensure that your pistol performs at its best in any circumstance.

You will be grateful that you made the investment in a revolutionary gun attachment that will serve you for the rest of your life once you experience the exhilaration of pulling the trigger without having to put up with an unpleasant and damaging explosion sound to your ears.

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