Rimfire vs Centerfire: What’s The Main Difference?

Why Compare Rimfire vs Centerfire Rounds? We often hear the debate between rimfire vs centerfire ammunition which is popular among gun enthusiasts but what are they? Centerfire and rimfire ammunition are in fact, primer ignited ammunition cartridges that are commonly used by hunters for their hunting purposes. Regardless, they are also capable of fulfilling other … Read more

.30-30 Winchester vs .30-06 Springfield: Ultimate Sporting Caliber?

What’s The Difference Between 30 30 vs 30 06 Ammo? There is no shortage of popular sporting cartridges to pick from in North American deer hunting organizations. Whitetail Deer hunters frequently use contemporary cartridges like the .307 Winchester and the 6.5 Creedmoor with more recent hunting rifles, but despite each being well over a century … Read more

9mm Luger vs 10mm Auto: Best Handgun Ammo?

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Best .300 Blackout BCG in 2022: Need Help?

If you’re a true rifles fanatic and prioritize personal defense safety, you’d realize the cruciality of maintenance and upgrading works of your rifles. Most often than not, the checking of the condition and lifespan of your 300 bolt carrier group tend to be overlooked. It’d be as simple as simply checking and upgrading the individual … Read more