Best 300 Blackout Buffer Springs [2024 Edition]: Manage Recoil!

When it comes to building or upgrading your AR-15 chambered in subsonic ammunition like the Blackout, selecting the best 300 Blackout buffer springs is a critical decision. The buffer spring plays a pivotal role in managing recoil, ensuring smooth cycling, and optimizing the performance of your firearm when shooting subsonic ammunition like the Blackout In … Read more

Best 300 Blackout Ammo in 2024 [Must Haves]

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Introduction The .300 Blackout ammunition, also known as 300 BLK or 7.62x35mm, has been gaining popularity in recent years among gun enthusiasts, and for good reason. Developed by Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), this cartridge was designed to address some of the limitations of the standard 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington round, while still being compatible with the … Read more